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Reblog: Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians


I need some more blogs to follow. Reblog this if you’re a Republican, a Conservative, or a Libertarian.

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Jun 15

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Jun 14

Flag day history :

Flag day history :

Jun 12

Miss Nevada "Controversy" -

Have you all seen this? People are literally out of their minds! In a few words she successfully called out colleges and public institutions for not wanting to get a bad rap, and therefore keeping rape issues hush hush. She further knocked it out of the park, by saying Hey? Instead of all playing the victim, let’s take matters into our own hands since we’re talking about a topic that obviously needs to change but will NEVER fully be eliminated. Let me break it down. As much as I despise the feminist movement, I will never say “she deserved to be raped”. I will however point out that usually when these instances occur, they find something off kilter with the offender. (Before you freak out, I’m not saying “oh they’re crazy, so its ok and not their fault) I’m saying that these people that perform these acts, get a high of sorts from it and therefore are not likey to ever be changed by these bra burning sticker on nips and no other clothing festivals trying to prove a point. I get that if you’re butt naked, you’re HOPEFULLY not out in public, and that you might not be looking for unwanted sex but you’re looking for something. Attention maybe? Your personal decision and although I know I’m not to judge people, I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself when to prove a point, you hang the meat in front of the dogs faces. Again, I’m not saying if you dress provocatively that you have it coming. I am saying, that in a world where this fire burns and will not ever be put out, why add fuel to the fire? And in the case of Miss NV, even if you’re dressed in a cloth sack, YOU STILL MAY BE AT RISK FOR RAPE. So what’s the harm in learning to defend yourself? To everyone screaming well she shouldn’t have to, YOU’RE RIGHT. And to everyone saying the offender should know better, YOU’RE RIGHT. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. When it boils down to it in that situation, if the rapist wants to commit rape, they’re going to. They’re not gonna stop and think about rallies with scarred women. They’re not going to think about laws that are going to get them into trouble after the fact. And although there are always exceptions, chances are they’re not going to think back to what their mentors taught them. They want something, and there’s no one their to stop them but you. Great job Miss NV.

Republicans needed! -

After yesterday’s victory over Cantor, The Tea Party has emerged as a “shape shifter” a force to be reckoned with. One that changes for the need of the people. No longer can we allow corrupt politicians that uphold disturbing ideals that are not true to the constitution and the thoughts of the American people. Change starts now! And the RNC is asking for assistance from those people, to gather what matters to you. Takes a few seconds or as long as you want. Select their answers or give them your own. Let the numbers speak for themselves.


Jun 08

Tax dollars buy lawyers for illegal immigrants


Tax dollars buy lawyers for illegal immigrants

The U.S. Department of Justice just announced a new initiative to provide legal representation to illegal immigrant children who cross into the United States – right after recent headlines rocked the nation predicting that 60,000 or more youth without parents would steal into the country in the coming year.


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Dem. state lawmaker convicted of beating woman continues to serve from prison


In a case that depicts the real war on women, a Democratic state lawmaker in Massachusetts was convicted in January of beating a woman when she refused to have sex with him.

State Representative Carlos Henriquez is now serving a six month sentence after…

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Chris Christie booed twice at Times Square Super Bowl event


Christie, whose state is hosting the big game Sunday, was twice booed when introduced on Saturday amid the scandal surrounding his administration. Meanwhile, the New Jersey governor reportedly sent an email to supporters ripping David…

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Jan 25

Mitt on Fallon -

As silly as this is, this is one of THE SMARTEST things he’s ever done as far as his campaign and electability is concerned. It directly targets the audience that claimed he is “a robot” and therefore not fit to preside, and shows them the Mitt that could’ve saved the last election. (Provided you don’t believe it was fixed…)

Jan 06

I bet he does it ... -

And NO, before we get all crazy, I DO NOT think he will release him because he’s black. Now that’s out of the way, enjoy the article…

Jan 03


Nazi Eyewitness Warns Americans: “Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns” (Video)The most chilling part of this video is when she said, “They sounded like American politicians.” 
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Nazi Eyewitness Warns Americans: “Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns” (Video)

The most chilling part of this video is when she said, “They sounded like American politicians.”


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Jan 02

Mossberg Launches Duck Dynasty-Branded Firearms


mossberg duck commandar 500

Here is your feel good story of the day — sure to make gun grabbing moonbat commie liberal heads explode!!

(The Truth About Guns) “The gunmaker Mossberg has teamed with Duck Commander, the company owned by ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Robertson clan, to release nine…

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